Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sky is the Limit

Image: Photograph by El Corazon --

“There’s been a million times, I have been standing over the edge, stuck in a infinite loop of 'should-I or should-I-not', hoping someone would push me from behind, hoping I will just slip away. No, I am not trying to commit suicide here”
Often, we dream, we desire, we strive, we climb, reach the top and just be satisfied, be relaxed, marooned in a feeling of achievement, accomplishment, success.
But naturally, as everything else, success is also a relative term, relative to where we restrict ourselves.
Do not forget, the tallest of the mountains, is not bigger, than the strongest of your feelings.

“What I am trying to tell here is”, don’t stop, because the end is still far, where you’ve reached is just the beginning.
Dare, believe and realize, your dreams are hanging on to the stars, not lying on the ground.
Walk over to the edge, believe in yourself and leap into the vastness, only then you will know, you’re gonna eat the dust or fly away and reach the sky.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Colours of the world

Image: Photograph by Peter Adams -

'The world' is like a picture, painted with infinite colours, countless strokes, with an immeasurable depth.
We play our part, make our mark, somewhere at some corner or the other.
It's true, not all of us have created an impression, not all of us have become the centre of attraction. But does that make our existence worthless, does that diminish our presence, does that make us feel hollow from the inside?
It’s natural, loser takes the pain and winner rules the game, but remember, the world goes on because all of us are not the same.
You may be a juggler; you may be a trendsetter,
You may be a clown or a bartender, may be you're a star or a soldier,
whatever you are, we all tread different paths to our own destinies.
"But my friend, however different our ways are, watchout, because our paths are gonna cross, more than once and believe me, do not be surprised in the end, if we find each other at the same place, painting the same picture on this canvas called, Life".

Monday, June 09, 2008


It’s a matter of an exaggerated determination, insanely provoking, yet not insensible.
An unbreakable bond with your own self.
Uncovers when sympathy is blown away.
It’s the last temptation, an endless persuasion of happiness.
A resonance created when your feelings transcend the limits of fear, anger and pain.
An explosion of belief, sending down waves of a miraculous force, a boundless impulse of energy, opening an arena of infinite possibilities.

"I wonder, a four letter word with two vowels and two consonants can defy all the barriers created by A to Z".

Monday, May 05, 2008

The lost Contender

Image: Cover picture for movie 'The Contender'

It's all about liberating your thoughts, unleashing the unknown within, enfranchising from nonentity to a form of silent rebellion.
To deviate your mind from the one that is obvious, to cross over the avenue of nightmares into a land of miracles.
It’s not just about burning desires and blossoming dreams but also of scintillating thoughts and cherishing principles.
Its not about building castles in the sand, but it’s about creating a history which lingers forever, may be in the minds of many or hearts of some.
It’s all about the long forgotten, never spoken, formerly unknown......
Contender in you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Unseen reflections

Image: Photograph by Sean McHugh -
Have you ever wondered who’s behind the curtains, after the show ended? What actually happens behind the scene, when the screens have come down?
Have you ever tried to envision, the importance of the ones who never show up in the front.
"We are not blind, but just a bit too obtuse, to think beyond".

When captured in turmoil, lost in an unknown space and engulfed in the depths of darkness, somewhere a light shined, igniting the remains of our hope, showing us the direction.

In the end, we were wholeheartedly grateful,
but our comprehension was incomplete and fractional.
Something..... somewhere..... had slipped our ruffled mind, something....... had been cast away to silence....... silently.
"It was not the light, which shined, that showed us the way.
But the one that was reflected".

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yo'u' & "i"

All of us, play, two lead roles in the time-frame allotted to us from our birth to death, in this so called, chakra of life, to do the, what they call, Karma.
In this expedition of life to death, the two roles we play are radically contradictory to each other. Always pushing and pulling each other, the two often end up in a Circumstance of loss-of-moral-anarchy, just to realize that they are in a Ball game, where no one wins.

One is the ‘ i’ntentional, ‘i’nevitable, ‘i’ntrospective ‘I’
and the other is the
‘u’ndoubtedly ‘u’nrealistic & ‘u’nresolved, yo‘u’

‘I’ have a piece of everything, good bad and ugly –
‘I’nspiration, ‘I’rritation, ‘I’nnoncence, ‘I’nsane.
‘I’ can satisfy your need, ‘I’ could satiate your greed,
What to take, is your choice,
But, why are yo‘u’, always so,
‘u’nruly, ‘u’nacceptable and ‘u’nsatisfied?

‘I’, knows the answer, provided only YO‘U’ ask the question!!!

Think about it............

Sunday, March 18, 2007

To, the [Family [man]

When you're carrying, the weight of responsibility over your shoulders,
the pain of broken dreams in your heart,
a mindful of doubts, a handful of duties
and a pocket full of unfulfilled desires, it doesn’t really matter whether you rest on a bed of roses or a bed of nails.
What matters is, are you standing on your feet? or are you down on your knees!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mystifying Melancholy

There’s a loneliness, deep inside me, deep inside you, deep inside all of us, not so predominant but yet prevails in an unknown corner of the hollowness of our soul, and keeps surfacing in the most indeterminate of times. That is the moment when we start thinking, thinking of something unknown, something which doesn't have a beginning nor an end, thoughts dangling from an unknown above.

It's a moment when we transform into a momentary state of sanity and then come out of it with a quest which never ends, a quest to unfold the reasons hidden behind the veil of our unfathomable loneliness.

Friday, December 29, 2006


‘When living starts blooming, Life rears its ugly head’. Isn’t it so sarcastically true. Its such a contradiction, that when we start feeling that everything is finally alright, everything is finally falling back into place, everything is just going fine, something goes wrong, we lose something which was not meant to be lost, something very fundamental to our life, something we always trusted, and that breaks us, so apart that our definition of life changes, our motto for living changes, our ability to dream subsides, and that make us realize that happiness is just a state of mind, just a point of view which induces it, happiness is something very relative to our own dialect, something defined in our own language, something which may not be highly intelligible but deeply introspective.
But still the question prevails, where's happiness when we need it the most?
May be because ‘happiness’ too gets exhausted and sometimes, takes a break!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Philosophy becomes obsolete, without reaction
Theory becomes worthless, without practice
Creation is wasted, without being used
As sometimes the state of your mind
Doesn’t synchronize with the intentions of your body
You tend not to realize
The shift in your natural behavior
You fail to differentiate between
A paralyzed mind and an enlightened one,
As a consequence of the personified god you believe
And the materialistic life you live
Has distorted your thoughts
So, you always enjoy
The misalignment between
The circle of your life
And the centre of reality

Anti - Compatibility

Image: Painting by MF Hussain

On a Cloudy day
An Angel from Paradise
Gave her heart away
to the Prince of Sunshine
It began to Rain, there was a storm
And on a bright new day
The Prince showed his Charm
Shined so Bright
That her heart Burned away........!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

In the Kingdom of God

A Stranger in a land of Undue Serenity
Goes in search of his Perpetual Dreams
He takes the path least treaded
Fights the Demons and the Dragons, the barbarians
and the evils of their deeds
He rises from the Dust, soars to the Stars
He moves like a Storm, and grows like the Fire
with a Zeal in his Eyes,
And Revolution in his thoughts
Unaware of his religion, Unbound from his Race
He wears a smile, for the expression of his Rage
He’s a Rebel, with a reason and a Charm on his face
He Sacrifices his Desires, Ignites his faith,
Worships, a God without a name
He crosses the Seas of Fear, Conquers the Fear of pain
And Rules the Righteous and the Insane
His weapon is, a sword of Wisdom
And his armor is, his possession of fidelity
He follows A Prophecy,
Conceived in his Heart, Nurtured in his Mind
And Unleashed in the Abyss of his Soul
His Passion Refrains from the pleasures of life,
His Vision breaks through the barriers of the World
His Virtue reflects the Supremacy of his Fortitude
Master of the Game, Riding a beast he tamed
Travels, defying the dimensions of Time
To a place, unknown
To the Horizon,
Where his Dreams unite into the Grace of Reality

The Idiosyncratic Disillusion

Image: 'The Dream with a White Rose' by Stanislav Plutenko

How does it feel to lose, over and over
How does it feel to fail, again and again
Failing in your Greatest commitment
A commitment backed by, the greatest of your dreams
When dreams get lost in an overwhelming mixture of
Sacrifices and Emotions
And the source of the havoc lies like a mystery,
Intentionally unsolved
When an unprecedented blend of Faith, Love and Belief
Vanishes like an undesired miracle
For sure, the anguish never dies
We don’t really forget the past
We only discover new ways to Live.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

detpyrcnE ←

Deceptive, is the aura of all that comes along the way
Suddenly realizing, the source was a dream and the destination, an illusion
Delusion in the beginning led to destruction in the end
Temptation, Passion, Exaggeration transcending innocence, conscience
Out there the world is wild and life is a masquerade
Faces hidden, identities forbidden
Words don’t mean, Intentions are mean,
Meanings lost, thoughts abort
Nothing is as it seems
A Brand new Era, A paradoxical age
An age of e-Emotions and of Digital dreams
Here, information is precious, straight is crooked, round is eccentric
Expressions concealed, Senses veiled,
feels, as if everything is....... encrypted

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Image: Ship in a Storm by

The Distant View of a Ship
Sailing in a Storm
Seems so Unclear,
Is it Sinking, or Struggling to Survive?
But the Sailor knows for Sure
The Time has come near
To Save his life, or to Save his Ship
His Struggle remains unaccounted, his Sacrifices are Forgotten
For, whatever Choice he makes, he knows
In the End he’s a Loser
But, with a Will Stronger than Ever.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Kolkata Blues

Image: Gazebo by Digital blasphemy

This post is about my experienced hangover of an Ecstatic Blues concert by local musicians at SPE in Kolkata

It was getting over and over my mind, into my senses, touching my heart, sending down waves of eclectic pleasure down my spine.

The sound of the pulsating Blues was vaporizing into the air around transforming the smoke filled ambience into an explosion of Euphoric sensation.

I was getting drifted away, mesmerized, engulfed in a tantalizing touch of bitter-sweet emotions and to make it all so much more, there she was standing, singing, Intoxicating…..


Image - Sunset cove by digital blasphemy

All that you do is not All that you always wanted to and All that you get is not All that you’ve always desired for and that makes Life Uncertain and Living Interesting..!

Still we tend to be Happy at some moments and Sad in other, sometimes Angry and some other times Ignorant over the same thing!. May be we have gone wrong in defining the meaning of our Feelings or may be we have never given it a thought. But then how are we going to define "meaning" in itself.

It’s so damn confusing, when we start to think we start seeing the Differences. The Cause for these differences lies in a corner of our mind which we have never explored but we always keep looking for reasons in the possibilities which doesn’t exist.

Things are the way they are not because there’s a Flaw in their creation or in the way they exist or in the way they occur, it’s because there’s a fallacy in our Point of view, it’s because things are just the way they are supposed to be, Natural...

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Let me ask you a question, How much would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 if I ask you How much do you know about yourself?
Pretty absurd question, you feel. No its not, because our understanding of ourselves is implicitly incomplete, because we just don’t try to contemplate, analyze ourselves in a manner we explicitly speculate about others. It’s a natural tendency of us to neglect the closest one, to overlook that’s near.
How often do we question ourselves and if so have we really tried to get the answers for those questions.
How many times have we openly accepted our mistakes?
How many times have we actually put our sympathy into action?
How many times have we lied to ourselves?
Only when we ask ourselves these questions, we realize our deficiency of self-cognizance, we start sensing our inability to manipulate our ability of perceptivity, to get past the manifest mediocrity.
There is so much to observe, there is so much to understand, there is so much to absorb, and still there is so much to explore. All you need to do is to, Make-up your mind, break away from your prison of ego, take the next big step, kill your fears, rouse your will, push the limits, get over the edge and jump on to the other side, and then you will see that everything in this world has a piece of you, and you have a of piece of everything you never knew, the answer to all the questions lies in you.
Defy the usual, try the unusual, Re-define your existence,
Go, Discover yourself.